An Organization cognitive map

di Laudadio, M. Amendola, G. Montalbano, R. Porcelli, A. Grimaldi  As in many science areas (Cipolla, De Lillo, 1996), even in the organizational culture analysis it is possible to notice a contraposition between quantitative and qualitative methods (Lucatelli, Avallone, 1998). The contraposition, started in the research phase, has then moved into the practical one, developing […]

The tutor’s contribution to the distance learning process: two experiments

di Laudadio A.1, Renzi P.1, Ferlazzo F.11. Faculty of Psychology 2, “La Sapienza” University of Rome Distance learning handbooks devote full sections to describing the tutor’s function and frequently describe how a good tutor should “be” and what the tutor should “do”. Concurrently, however, it should be noted that the tutor is very rarely the […]